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מסע זה בהכנה לבר ובת מצווה יכלול מספר מפגשים משמעותיים שיעניקו לתלמידים את הכרת המושגים היהודיים, יקדמו שאלות לגבי זהותם כיהודים וכחלק מעם ישראל, ויעניקו מבט על המקורות היהודיים שלנו. תרבות משותפת. ההכנה תכלול גם הוראת עברית, הכשרה להובלת שירותי דת וחונכות אישית לקריאת הפרשה הספציפית שלהם.

אנו מצפים לשתף אתכם במסע הזה.

Navigating the intricacies of a new country can be overwhelming, and we are committed to easing your transition. Our comprehensive support includes but will not be limited to:

Educational Guidance:

We understand the importance of education for your children. Our team will assist you in finding the right schools, whether it be at the ATJC Tauber Academy for pre-school through Kindergarten or helping to find the right schools that align with your values and aspirations.


Healthcare Connections:

Your family's well-being is our priority. We've curated a list of trusted healthcare professionals to ensure you have access to quality medical care.

Family Shopping Together

Legal Support:

Navigating immigration processes can be complex. Our resource guide connects you with experienced immigration attorneys who can guide you through the legal intricacies with compassion and expertise.

Reviewing the Laws

Housing Assistance:

Securing a place to call home is a fundamental step in rebuilding. Our network includes reputable real estate agents dedicated to helping you find a comfortable and safe residence.

Showing a Property

Financial Assistance:

Recognizing the financial challenges you may face, we are here to offer support. Through our financial assistance programs, we aim to provide a helping hand as you navigate the initial stages of rebuilding your lives.


Essential Items Support:

For families with young children, we understand the importance of having essential items like strollers, cribs, playpens and more. Our network can assist you in finding these necessities, ensuring that your little ones have a safe and comfortable environment to thrive.

Baby Strollers

Emotional Support:

We recognize that uncertainty can be emotionally challenging. Our community is here to not only address practical needs, but also to provide a supportive network where you can share your experiences, find understanding, and receive the emotional support needed to navigate these times with resilience.

Holding Hands
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